Enabling Browser Audio on Real Time Dashboards and Wallboards

Required Subscription Add-On: Real Time Dashboard Services

Required Permission Level: Modify or Admin on Dashboard


When setting up your dashboard to monitor your queues and agents live in Real Time, you may have opted to add an audible alert. To ensure the browser audio has been enabled on the browser, you can follow the steps listed below, broken out by browser. 





Step 1: Choose the 3 dots menu

Step 2: Choose Settings

Step 3: Scroll all the way to the bottom and choose Advanced

Step 4: Under the Privacy and Security section locate and click on Site Settings

Step 5: Select Sound



Step 6: Turn on "Allow sites to play sound" if it is not turned on

Step 7: Add Brightmetrics to the allowed sites

When completed, you can close the Settings tab and you should be able to hear the audio without issue.





Step 1: Choose the menu button

Step 2: Choose the options button

Step 3: Choose Privacy & Security

Step 4: Choose the settings button next to Autoplay

Step 5: The default setting will be to block ALL audio for all websites, enter the websites that should be allowed to play audio in the list, and Save Changes





Step 1: Choose the menu button

Step 2: Choose Advanced

Step 3: Locate Media AutoPlay

Step 4: Ensure it is set to allow


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