Understanding Voicemail Reporting for Mitel MiVC

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC

Required Permission Level: Reports and Dashboard Creator

While we would love to be able to provide information on voicemails, like how many are currently in a voicemail box, how long the recorded voicemail is, if it is new (unheard), etc, unfortunately, that information is not exposed by Mitel (ShoreTel) in any supported way to third parties like Brightmetrics for reporting. Director generates that information using internal APIs that are not documented or exposed over the network. Why not screen-scrape the information from Director itself you ask? Well that could set all of us up for disappointment as that is not supported by Mitel (ShoreTel), which means they make no guarantees that the HTML, URLs, etc, will not change in subtle or substantial ways between versions; and also that they might not support a system in which they find out that is being done. Another challenge to that approach is you'd have to provide Brightmetrics with Director credentials, which most of you (and we) don't want because we really should only have read-only access so that we can't even accidentally make any changes, and you don't want to have to manage the update of credentials in Brightmetrics anytime they changed in Mitel (ShoreTel).

It's definitely something we revisit occasionally to see if Mitel (ShoreTel) has changed their approach because this is something people ask for a lot, and value we'd really like to deliver, but as it stands today without supported APIs exposed to deliver this aspect of service properly we refrain from a design that could result in a disappointing experience. We do hope this will become something which Mitel (ShoreTel) creates a supported interface for third parties to report on, for example adding into the D&M database, in which case we would absolutely integrate that information into Brightmetrics.


Here is the good news on what we can report on about voicemails: if a call has a Next Party Name/Type of Voicemail (meaning that the call made it to the voicemail box, which, however, doesn't validate that a voicemail was left because of the above-mentioned reasons).  Here are the steps you can take to build out that reporting perspective as shown here:
Step 1:  Navigate to the Reports Section
Step 2: Select the User Activity Summary report
Step 3:  Remove any filters you don't want or need by selecting the red minus signs. Keeping at least Call Date/Time and Call Type, and removing Party Name, Call Date/Time - Hour, Answered, and Party Type.
Step 4:  Drag Next Party Name. This will cause it to become a filter and moves it to the top.  If you are searching for a specific User Group and/or Party Name, you'd do the same for those as well.
Step 5:  At the top in your filters, update your Call Date/Time to show the time range you're looking for. Also, update the Call Type to One and select Inbound, and for Next Party Name select One and then select Voice Mail.  If you included User Group or Party Name filters, you can select those at this time as well.  So far it would look like this:  
Step 6:  If you want additional dimensions (other than the Party Name and Call Type already shown under Rows and Columns), you can drag them down under Rows and Columns now.  The same applies to the Available Values; if there are other values that you'd like to include, you can grab those from Available Values and drag them down into the Values box as well.  The order that they're placed in the Rows, Columns, and Values boxes will reflect how the report is laid out when you generate it. 
Once you have done that you can choose Run Report for a total.
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