Replacing all Dashboard Filters

Required Permissions Level: Report and Dashboard Creator

If you've had a change to a group/queue name, or simply want to include multiple groups in all of the groups/queues being filtered to on your dashboard you can do that in one quick move.  


1. Navigate to the dashboard you'd like to make changes to.

2. Click the pencil icon to "Edit"

3. Click "Dashboard Settings"

4. Click "Replace filters"

5. Click the filter in blue that you'd like to change.

6. Click the X on the left to remove any filter you'd like to remove.

7. Click on the right to add any new filters you'd like to add.

8. Click "Apply" once you're done making changes.

9. Repeat the process for any other filters in blue you'd like to change.

10. Click "Apply" once you've made all changes to your filter.

11. Click "Apply" on the next page.

12. Click "Save"


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