Adding a Clock Chart to your Dashboard

Required Permissions Level: Report & Dashboard Creator

When you're building or editing your dashboard, you may have a desire to have a clock chart be displayed along with the rest of the data on your dashboard for easy reference.  Below, we'll walk through the steps of configuring the dashboard to include that clock chart. 

To add a clock chart to your dashboard, put the dashboard in Edit Mode by clicking the pencil icon under the dashboard title:



Step 1: Click on Add Chart 

Step 2: In the popup, select Static Content as your Data Source Type

Step 3: Click Okay 



Step 4: Click Clock for the chart type

Step 5: Use the blue dots on the chart to resize the clock as necessary.  You can adjust the other configuration options under the chart type button if desired like which time zone the clock should be in and if you want to show seconds, and/or 24 hour format.

Step 6: Click Apply



The chart will appear at the bottom of your dashboard.  You can click and drag it to rearrange where it sits on the dashboard.  

Step 7:  Click Save at the top of the dashboard to save changes

Step 8:  Click the eye icon to put the dashboard back into view mode


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