Understanding RingCentral Real Time Agent Status Definitions

RingCentral provides a variety of real-time agent status options to help manage call flow and ensure efficient communication within your team. Understanding these statuses is crucial for optimizing your team’s availability and responsiveness. This article will guide you through the different status definitions available in RingCentral.


Status Definitions:

  • In Meeting: This status is marked as 'In a Meeting' in RingCentral. It indicates that the user is currently engaged in a scheduled meeting.
  • Busy: The 'Busy' status is shown when the user's status is set to busy, but they are not in a meeting. This can be used when the user is occupied with tasks that require full attention.
  • Available - OnQueue: This status signifies that the agent is not on a call but is available and waiting for calls in the queue.
  • Available - OffQueue: This status is used when the agent is not on a call and is also not waiting for calls in the queue. They are available but not actively seeking incoming calls.
  • Do Not Disturb: 'Do Not Disturb' status is chosen when the user is off the queue and does not wish to be disturbed by incoming calls.
  • Do Not Disturb - On Queue: This unique status indicates that the user has set their profile to 'Do Not Disturb' but remains on the queue. This means they do not accept departmental calls but are still logged into the queue.
  • Ringing: The 'Ringing' status appears when a call is currently ringing to the user, indicating an incoming call.
  • Offline: 'Offline' status is shown when the user is not logged into the RingCentral system.
  • On Call: This status is used when the user is actively engaged in a call.
  • On Hold: 'On Hold' indicates that the user has put a call on hold. This status is useful for monitoring calls that require follow-up or further action.
  • Parked Call: The 'Parked Call' status shows when a user has a call parked. This feature is typically used in environments where calls can be picked up by another user.


Understanding these status definitions can greatly enhance your team’s communication efficiency and responsiveness. Each status provides valuable information about the availability of team members, allowing for better call management and distribution. Be sure to familiarize your team with these statuses to make the most of your RingCentral system.


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