Moving from Brightmetrics MiVC to RingCentral Reporting and What to Expect

So you're moving to a new reporting platform and interested in what some of the differences will be in Brightmetrics reporting?


Please note that Brightmetrics will always provide as much possible reporting on any of the platforms we report for but what data is available to us for you in the reporting will depend on the platform and the method for retrieving the data. 


We'll detail some of the differences you may notice on your move from MiVC to RingCentral and we hope this will help with that transition.


1.) The setup for Brightmetrics for RingCentral reporting is a simple process and the steps lined out in the link here we make that just as easy as possible.


2.) Once you are set up and ready to run you'll start looking at the reports and dashboards and see a few differences.  Report and dashboard templates that are available will be based on the data from RingCentral.


RingCentral templates look at Users, Calls, Call Queues, and a few configuration reports.


3.) Some of the fields may be different but you can use the data definitions link here with a keyword search and see which values you are used to seeing in MiVC and how they may show in RC reporting:



Outside of those general differences if you see anything that doesn't make sense or is unexpected you can always reach out to for us to take a look.

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