Viewing Options for Chart Visualizations

Required Permission Level: Report and Dashboard Creator


When viewing charts for quick reference, or even just in general, the font may appear too small to be easily seen.  To adjust your charts for easier reading, there are a few things you can do!

Note: for some of these options you may need to be an Admin on the account, or have Admin access to the dashboard containing the charts in question.

A) You can adjust the size of the chart as shown here:
Step 1: Drop into Edit Mode by clicking on the eye/pencil below the dashboard tab you want to adjust the chart on

Step 2: Drag sides of chart you would like to enlarge 

B) You can choose to publish the dashboard into a public link as shown here:
(Required Permissions Level: Administrator):

Step 1: Select Administrator Tools from the left menu

Step 2: Select Dashboards from the top bar menu

Step 3: Locate the dashboard you wish to create the published link for and click on the link button

Step 4: Add Link (more specifics in this article here

C) You can use zoom on your browser of choice to enlarge everything; this is an example from Internet Explorer but zoom can be used in any browser:
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