Brightmetrics Install Guide for RingCentral

Thank you for your interest in Brightmetrics Reporting and Analytics service over RingCentral.

Brightmetrics makes it easy to get information to the people that need it in the format that makes the most sense for them. Brightmetrics is a secure, web-based service; all that is needed is a web browser, a username, and a password. Brightmetrics offers the most powerful report scheduling available for the RingCentral system.

To complete the installation process, you will need Admin credentials within your RingCentral setup. 

To get started, click TRY IT FOR FREE to open the Registration Page in a new browser tab and follow the steps as indicated below. 

  1. Fill in the Account Info section at the top of the registration form. 
  2. Under Unified Communications or Contact Center System Information check the box beside RingCentral.
  3. Read and check off the Terms & Conditions box.
  4. Click on REGISTER.

    Upon submission of the required information you will be redirected to the Data Source Page within Brightmetrics; this is where you will configure the RingCentral data source.

  5. Click on ADD DATA SOURCE.


  6. In the popup, leave the Setup as Automatic, and click NEXT.

    You'll see another popup showing diagnostics are being run:


  7. Once diagnostics are done, you'll see the message to authenticate.  Click on AUTHENTICATE:


    Upon clicking the authenticate button, you will be redirected to the RingCentral login page.  If you are not redirected, please make sure there are no pop-up blockers preventing you from proceeding.

  8. Enter your RingCentral credentials (reminder you need to be an Admin) and click Sign In:


  9. A popup asking you to grant Brightmetrics access to your data will appear.  Click Authorize:


  10. You'll be directed back to Brightmetrics where you'll see the diagnostics process completing followed by a popup confirming all was set up correctly:

    On the Data Sources page, you'll now see the Task Status shows as "ready" or "scheduled".  Your Billing Status will show as Trial Pending until the first data upload is received.


  11. Next to the original data source, you'll now see the option to add Real Time for live dashboards. Click on ADD DATA SOURCE.

  12. Click on SAVE in the popup.


You've completed the installation process and will be able to build dashboards and reports once your data upload completes.


If you haven't already, we recommend scheduling a demo with one of our experts for a high-level walk-through to see what our dashboards and reports are capable of. You can schedule a demo here.  Already been through a demo and are interested in registering for training? You can register for our free or paid training sessions here.


Have any issues or questions for our team?  Please email for assistance.

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