Reporting on Different Media Types

Required Subscription: Core module

Required Permissions Level: Dashboard and Reports Creator

Brightmetrics includes the ability to run our summary and detailed reporting and dashboards with your different media typesNow your team leaders can get a circumspect view of the multi-channel engagements from their agents on a single pane of glass. These are all listed as various "Media Types" and can be filtered, grouped,  and visualized by the Media Type desired. 


  1. Select the 3 dots menu next to media type and Choose Add Filterreports4.png
  2. Select within the filter on top of your report the media types that you wish to includeReports5.png
  3. Run your Reports or Charts and you'll see those media types shown
  4. You may also choose to see the Media Types broken out on your report so you can drag Media Type to the Rows or Columns as well
You'll see this carry down into your Cradle to Grave perspectives when you drill into the record as well!
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