Roles Based Permissions/Data Views

Required Modules: MiVC & Brightmetrics Enterprise OR MiCC, Genesys

Required Permission Level: Company Admin

Roles based permissions and data views gives you the ability to have customizable permissions that allow you to grant access to data, dashboards, reports, etc. at the user level under admin tools.



  • Log in and choose Admin Tools on the left sidebar menu.
  • Choose Roles on top.
  • This will bring you into the Roles view.  Up on top you can choose to View By Roles or Data View.


Creating: To create a new Role choose View by Role and then click Add New Role.  Here you will need to give your new Role a name and description and set up what users with that Role will be able to access.  You can also add a data view to the Role as well here and choose which data on the account they can view or assign a current data view. 


Once set up choose Apply which creates your new Role.

Once the Role is created you can choose Users on top and then the pencil next to the user's name to bring you into Edit and choose to assign that new Role to a User.


Editing: Once a Role is created you may have a desire to edit what is set for that Role.  To do that simply click on the pencil next to the Role name.  This takes you into Edit mode and you can make adjustments there like adding/removing a data view, or adding/removing admin and analytics permissions.


Data Views:


Creating: Once a Role is created you'll have the option to assign a data view which allows you to control the amount of data the user with this role can see.  Choose Create New Data View on the bottom of the Edit Role panel and then the module you want the user to be able to run reports for. 



Once you click on the data source you will have the option to get as granular as desired by selecting or removing each of the data set the user can run reports on.  Clicking on the arrow next to the data source allows you to filter all the way down to specific dimensions this user can report on.



Once set simply click Apply and the Data View will be saved and able to be applied to a Role.


Editing: To edit a data view simply choose View By Data View on top and then the pencil next to the Data View to edit.



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