Using Sessions Data in Reporting

When it comes to reporting in Genesys PureCloud the Sessions data set can be useful for things like tracing calls, and viewing calls in a format somewhat like our cradle-to-grave report.


Here is how you can do that:


  1. Choose Reports
  2. Choose the green plus on the top left or on the bottom choose Create New Report
  3. Choose Sessions from the data selections
  4. Choose Next
  5. Once you choose Next you'll see the options here, for detail or summary.  Both of these can be useful in different situations.  If you're tracing a call, detail might be better here but if you're looking for a big overhead summary of calls, then summary may work better here.


Once you choose an option you'll be dropped into the report type of your choosing and you'll build out exactly how you want the report to look.  Since this is basically a blank template you'll need to add in each dimension and value to the Rows, Columns, and Values you wish to see.  Adding those can be done by clicking on the menu option on each dimension or values and choosing Add, and then the desired option.

If you are looking to do some call tracing similar to how our cradle to grave report looks, the details and short video below should help:


  1. Set up your Sessions Detail Report as shown above by adding the shown Dimensions to the Columns and Rows.  This allows you to trace the call through the phone system grouped by Conversation ID
  2. Filter on Date/Time Range to the period of time desired and choose Run Report


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