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A small investment of time into education can go a long way. With that in mind, Brightmetrics has selected and designed a valuable set of key topics to be discovered in each of the trainings we provide. For more information on the included topics covered in our Reports training module, please see the outline below.  Also included are two ways you can access our training.    

Reports Training Syllabus

  • Creating Reports

    • Additional data, filter options, and threshold capabilities
    • Using Templates vs Creating from scratch
    • Editing Reports to customize results
    • Summary vs Detail data
    • How to "Lock" filters to prevent shared users from making changes
    • Drilling through Reports to see detail data and cradle to grave, including Team Activity (Mitel)
    • Changing default sorting options
  • Sharing Reports

    • Sharing Saved Reports with other users
    • Saving, Emailing, Scheduling and Printing Reports
  • Common Reporting Examples

    • Pulling data on Outbound calls made by agents 
    • Using Prev Party Name and Next Party Name to identify where calls came from or went
    • Search by CallerID and Search by Dialed Number
    • Call Detail vs User Activity Detail - what’s the difference?
  • Advanced Functions

    • Custom Calculated Fields
    • Insights
  • Our additional Support/Resources available to you


How do I attend the training?

To register to attend a live training, simply click here.  

To learn at your own pace in our Recorded Trainings, please follow these steps after logging into the Brightmetrics portal:

  1. Click the Question Mark on the top right
  2. In the search box, type in Recorded Training
  3. Select the Recorded Training - Reports module from the options




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