Administrator Training

A small investment of time into education can go a long way. With that in mind, Brightmetrics has selected and designed a valuable set of key topics to be discovered in each of the trainings we provide. For more information on the included topics covered in our Administrator training module, please see the outline below. Also included are two ways you can access our training.

Admin Training Syllabus

  • Insights

  • Administrator Tools

    • User Management

      • Creating a new user
      • Which permissions does the user have or need?
      • Enabling Insights
      • Disabling Admin Notifications
      • Disabling/Cloning/Removing users
      • Resending a user’s Welcome Email
    • Dashboard Management 

      • Viewing the Dashboards all users have access to
      • Providing access to existing dashboards
      • Modifying permissions on dashboards
      • Taking ownership of a dashboard
      • View/Edit/Delete schedules
      • Creating a public link or wallboard
      • Enabling Dark Mode
      • Adding a Ticker
    • Report Management

      • Viewing the Reports all users have access to
      • Providing access to existing Reports
      • Modifying permissions on Reports
      • Taking ownership of a Report
      • View/Edit/Delete schedules
    • Schedules

      • All schedules for dashboards and reports
      • Editing/Deleting a schedule
    • Company Settings

      • Company info and logo
      • Billing information (Direct customers only)
      • Invoices (Direct customers only)
      • Default Chart Color Palette
    • Data Customization

      • Creating Custom Calculated Fields
      • Creating Custom Detail Dimensions
  • Data Sources

    • Data Sources Configured
    • Last Summary data update

How do I attend the training?

To register to attend a live training, simply click here.  

To learn at your own pace in our Recorded Trainings, please follow these steps after logging into the Brightmetrics portal.

1.  Click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the page

2.  Select the Help Videos section


3.  Click on Recorded Training to expand the section and select a training



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