Insights: Run & Schedule Staff Forecasting Reports

Required Subscription: Any
Required Permissions Level:  Administrator, or View Insights (Users with View Insights permission can create new schedules for a Staffing Forecast Report, and modify existing schedules)
What is your data telling you about your staffing levels?
By running your historical call data and your determined service level factors through specific Erlang C algorithms, the Staff Forecasting feature presents you with a simplified, yet refined forecast of the suggested number of agents and a predicted call volume broken out by day of the week and the time of the day.
(Example: Staffing Level Forecast Summary and Detail Report)
The staff forecasting reports can be run on the fly or configured with a saved schedule to be received regularly. 

To run and/or schedule a Staff Forecasting Report

Step 1: Navigate to the Insights Page in the sidebar of Brightmetrics.

Step 2: Click on Add Schedule or Run Report, depending on it you want to run it now once, or if you want to set up a recurring schedule.   

Step 3: Select your Queue.  You can only select one queue at a time, so if you want to see the report for multiple queues each will be run separately. 

Step 4: Input the target wait time and target variance. Your Target Wait Time will apply to the ideal speed of answer in seconds; the Target Variance will apply to how many seconds over or under the Target wait time is tolerable.

Step 5: Choose the week you'd like the data for - Current Week or Following Week.

Step 6: Enter the email address where you'd like the report sent.

Step 7: If you are setting up a recurring schedule, select the time and day you'd like the report generated.  If you're not setting up a schedule, the day and time will not be shown and you can skip to

Step 8: Click Save.


(Optional)** By checking the Disable Preface checkbox, the introductory information will be excluded from the report.**


The introductory preface will include: 

Information on the equations, calculation, and algorithms which have been used to build the forecast report including:

  • Information on how to read the forecast report
  • Pertinent field and term definitions
  • Other useful and clarifying information.
  • Suggested number of agents by hour of the day and day of the week
  • Historically-based predictions of call volume by hour of the day and day of the week

Reading your Staff Forecasting Report

  • The time intervals down the left side of the table display the time intervals of the day
  • The numbers atop the table represent the suggested number of agents to achieve the inputted Target Wait Time
  • The blue bars follow the tolerable range of agents along the top of the table while the black bars indicate the optimal suggested number of agents for the time period
  • Grey text beside these bars indicates the predicted call volume that the suggestions are based on
  • The grey/blue/grey numbers also indicate the optimal number of agents to staff(blue) and the lower (grey-left) and upper (grey-right) staffing level tolerance.
We hope this information provides you a useful tool in better optimizing your team.
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