How is the call abandoned if it rang to an agent?

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When reviewing your reports using the group data set, you may find an interaction listed as abandoned, even though it also lists an agent name associated with the interaction.  This can cause some confusion, so we'll explain how and why this happens.  

If you encounter an issue like this, the first thing that you can do is open the Cradle to Grave report for the interaction in question:

(For more info on accessing the Cradle to Grave reports see the help center article here)


In the above example, we can see that the agent was alerted to the interaction, and, from what we can tell, was available to receive the interaction.

So, the call example shown above has been sent to the agent even though it has also been marked as abandoned, but you aren’t sure why. Now we will break out the next section here below because we want to see what that agent’s activity was during the time of the interaction and how we can report on this going forward simply.

To get a detailed view of an agent’s activity, you can use the Agent Activity Summary report. Adjust the date/time to the time period that you would like the data from, then filter by Agent Name. When you run the report, click on the "+" symbol next to the date that you would like to get the detailed information for:


In the detailed view of the report, we can see that (in this case) the agent was "Idle" when the interaction came in, but then went into a "Not Responding" status:


We can create a report to show how often this happens with each agent. Once this report is created, you can have it set up on a schedule, or you can use it as a reference to check in with now and then.

To create the report:

Step 1. Pull the Interaction Details report

Step 2. Select your date range

Step 3. Click and drag the Outcomes dimension into the Columns and click the filter icon next to it

Step 4. Set the Outcomes filter to "Abandoned"

Step 5. Click the filter icon next to the Time - Alerting Total value

Step 6. It’ll move to the top so that anything without ring time is filtered out

Step 7. Run the report


The results of the report will be a list of interactions that rang to an agent, were not answered, and the caller abandoned the interaction:  


We hope these reports will help clear up any confusion that may arise from abandoned interactions within your company!

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