Presented Vs Answered Conversations

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC

Required Permissions Level: Dashboard and Reports Creator

When you are looking for a breakdown of conversations that your agents are answering, you are typically wanting to see a comparison of Presented Vs Answered. More specifically, you likely want to see answered as a percentage and also the hard numbers, e.g. All Calls. By using the Agent Data report template shown hereunder, we can generate a report that will present us with this information and more:

  • Select the Agent Performance report from the available templates and open up your fields and layouts on the left-hand side.
  • Drag and drop the Available Values of Count-ACD Presented, Count-ACD Answered and % ACD Answered into your Values.
  • Ensure Agent Name is in the Rows and Filter on Date/Time as desired.
This will give you a breakdown of Call Presented, Calls Answered, and a % of ACD Calls Answered:
If you want to see a little deeper breakdown of calls presented and answered by agent(s), calls presented and not taken, you can drill into the report by clicking on any of the green plus buttons next to the Agent Names and pull up the Agent Activity Detail report shown here:
You can identify looking at the Outcome column which calls were answered and which were just presented and not answered.
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