Running Brightmetrics Agent Diagnostics

As of Sep 2017, ShoreTel has been acquired by Mitel; the product titles and images used in this article may not accurately reflect the official product titles post-acquisition. This includes subjects contained in the imagery of Brightmetrics' user interface.

When you install the Brightmetrics agent, it offers the ability to run diagnostics software if there are any issues.

But occasionally you may need to run those diagnostics later and if you don't know where the Brightmetrics folder is located, finding that diagnostics software can be difficult.

The executable "AgentDiagnostics3.exe" can be found in the installation folder for the Brightmetrics agent: "C:\Program Files\Brightmetrics\Agent Service" (or, on a 64-bit system, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Brightmetrics\Agent Service").  Run the program AgentDiagnostics3 from that folder to run diagnostics.

However, you can always download and run the latest Brightmetrics agent installer, leaving all the currently configured settings unchanged, and running diagnostics at the end of the install.  The latest installer can be downloaded here:

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