Brightmetrics Webpage Timeout(s)


We do get questions about this subject from time to time. The time for the system to log out due to inactivity is not something we can change or adjust. This is in place to ensure the user is still engaged in the service and that no unauthorized usage is happening.

If you have the dashboard up in one window and click "Log out" in another window, or bring up the Brightmetrics login page in another window, it will also log you out of your current session, which affects all open Brightmetrics tabs/windows.

The only exception is the dashboard viewing page. It sends a keep-alive request to the server every few minutes to keep the session active, precisely because we expect people to have these up on wallboards. There is also a special wallboard-optimized view, which you can get as a quick test by changing "Dashboard.aspx" in the address bar to "ViewDashboard.aspx", keeping everything else the same. The primary use of that is for publishing dashboards by creating a public link that doesn't require a login.

For directions on how to create a public link for your dashboard, please see our article on 

Dashboards: Creation and Access Management of Published Links.

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