Creation and Access Management of Published Links

Required Permissions Level: Administrator

You may need to display your saved dashboard(s) for your team across monitors or perhaps on a large screen for your call center. You can get a published link that will remove the sidebar menu and extra tabs, giving you a clear view of the dashboard data visualizations you are trying to display.

Brightmetrics now includes the ability to manage and restrict the systems that can access and view these dashboards through the application of filters defined by the Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to a machine attempting to access the dashboard. This is helpful for organizations that require limitation of access to some of the information that might be displayed on dashboards and is a special step to help observe compliance, regulatory, or security considerations.


To Create a Link please follow the steps below:
1) Navigate to the "Administrator Tools" section by clicking this option on the Sidebar Menu
2) Select the "Dashboards" tab at the top of the screen 
3) Find the Dashboard you want to publish a link and click on the link icon 
4) The Manage Dashboard Links pop-up window will present, click "Add New Link"
5) A link is auto-generated which you can then
  • a: Copy 
  • b: Preview (pops open your dashboard in a new browser tab)
  • c: Toggle Dark Mode
  • d: Name 
  • e: Define IP Filter parameters against 


***Note that you can configure multiple different links for any dashboard by clicking "Add Link" and remove any link to a dashboard by clicking "Remove"***
6) Optional Configuration of IP Filters to Restrict Access of Published Dashboard
  • a: Click the number under "IP Filters" -> this will present the IP Filter Dialog box 
  • b: You can easily add your own system you're presently working on with one click
  • c: You can add specific system IPs or ranges of IPs to the Filter by clicking "Add IP Address"


  • Validated IP address formats for filters will present a green checkbox and you're able to add a description to your IP filters
**Please note that the IP address our system sees is the external public IP address that your outgoing internet traffic is translated to, not the internal private IP address on your LAN.  To verify your IP address information, you can do a search engine query for your IP address.
Pro Tips:
  • Easily navigate back to these published links, without having to log back into Brightmetrics, by saving them as favorites in your browser.
  • Easily edit these published links anytime by clicking the globe icon. 

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