Reporting on Advanced Audit Logs

Required Subscription: MiVC & Brightmetrics Enterprise OR MiCC, Genesys

Required Permission Level: Company Admin


Company admins in Brightmetrics can now understand user behavior in Brightmetrics - what reports and dashboards are being viewed, edited, published, and exported by each user and when. 


Simply login and access the Administrator Tools panel here on the left hand side choose Audit Logs on top and use the report filters to search by Date/Time, Category, User, and more:


  1. Choose Admin Tools
  2. Choose Audit Logs
  3. Adjust filters as desired and run report

Please note that we keep 90 days of audit log data available for reporting. Even with the 90 days of data, we are capped at a 1000 count limit on that report so running it for 90 days may not return all results and could result in needing to be run for smaller segments of time.

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