Optimizing your View of a Published Link/Wallboard

Creating a published link (or wallboard) of your dashboard allows you to share the dashboard with other users without them having to log in, and also makes it easy to display the dashboard on a TV or a monitor to be viewed by everyone in the room.  Once you've decided to create a wallboard for your dashboard, you may find you need to make some changes in order to optimize it for the best view.  If you have not created a published link and want to, please see the link here for directions on how to create it.   

These are some of our tricks and tips we have used to optimize the view of the dashboard depending on the size of the screen you're displaying it on. 

  1. Displaying on a larger screen?  You may want to increase the zoom on your browser for that screen.  In Chrome and Internet Explorer:                                                       Chome_browser_settings.jpg IEZoom.png                           

  2. Adjust the screen resolution on the computer broadcasting to the TV.                                                                  

  3. Adjust the size of the charts on the dashboard.3.png 

  4. Try a different browser.  In our experience, dashboards look best in Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft Edge tends to over zoom the dashboard, leading to less space for other charts below the top level.                            

  5. Separate the dashboard you are trying to view into 2 dashboard tabs and open each link in a different window, and then adjust the windows like this:                                                                                                         2Windows.png


We hope these tips will help enhance the view of your wallboard! 

Questions or feedback? Please email us at support@brightmetrics.com.




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