Copying a Chart on your Dashboard

Required Permission Level: Report and Dashboard Creator


When you are creating charts on your dashboard or you have a chart that was created via the template options in Brightmetrics, you might have a desire to copy that chart to another dashboard or to your same dashboard.  We'll cover the simple steps on doing that here below.


1.) On your current dashboard that holds the chart you want to copy choose the pencil to edit:


2.) Then choose the 3 dots menu on the chart you wish to copy and choose Copy To:


3.) Once you choose Copy To, you'll get a pop-up that gives you each of the locations(dashboards) you can copy to.  (If you don't see the dashboard you want to copy to that means you don't have access to it yet and you'll need to request that from the dashboard owner.). Choose the dashboard you want to copy to and then Copy.



4.) Once you choose Copy, the chart copy will be added to the dashboard specified.



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