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When you build out a chart or a report that displays N/A or None in the results, this means it is a blank field or there is no label for the data presented. For example, when reporting on group or queue level data, and using a non-group/queue related field, (Eg. Party Name, User Name, etc.) it may be represented by an N/A or None.

When seen on a Wrap Code Report, it means that the field is not applicable to the Group here or one has not been applied. In this article, we will show you some example charts and on-demand reports displaying N/A or None, and walk you through some explanations as to why in each particular instance, they are showing.
Example #1:
In this chart, we can see that it is filtering on Wrap Code; a Wrap Code of N/A means one hasn’t been applied to those interactions.  We can then drill into the chart by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner when in view mode(this will only be available on summary level charts, not Real Time) and add on additional fields to see why there wasn’t a Wrap Code applied to these interactions:
Example #2:


The charts above utilize group (queue or other) level data that is being filtered on Party/Agent Name; however, there is no Party/Agent Name for those N/A interactions.  Again, by drilling through - clicking on the magnifying glass in the corner of the chart(in view mode) - and adding on additional fields, we can see why there was no Party/Agent Name to display.  Typically if there's no Party/Agent Name associated with interactions, they were forwarded, abandoned, etc.  
Example #3:


This report example is detailing an Agent Activity report that is filtering to Agent Name, by group/queue membership.  The entries that show in the results as N/A for group/queue name are either because: 

  • They are non-group/queue outbound interactions which are made by the agents but not through the group/queue- outbound interactions are not associated with groups, but instead with the agent accounts.
    - OR -

  • They are inbound group/queue interactions which are not accepted into the group/queue, but instead by the agent - when an agent picks up their phone while logged into a group/queue, the system never asks what group/queue they wish to associate that interaction with, so it logs it to the agent account and not the group/queue.

These are just a few examples that illustrate why you may see N/A on a report or on a dashboard chart with which you are working.  If after looking through these examples, it is still unclear why you see N/A on your report or dashboard, please reach out to our support team at, and we would be happy to provide a further explanation!


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