How can I create a specific Call Date/Time range?

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Have you ever wished that you could define a relative time period for a recurring report that was more specific and could allow you to define the hours? We've developed our Relative Time/Date filter setting of "Recent Time Window" to support exactly this perspective. This selection allows you to define the time window of the report in terms of "Today/Yesterday/X days ago at Time 1 to Today/Yesterday/Y days ago at Time 2". This functionality is different from defining the Call Date/Time filter by "Range" where you have to define your window of time by specific dates and time. The most relevant advantage to this definition is repeat-ability for scheduling purposes but also can serve for defining a quick window for investigation or troubleshooting if you know an event/record could have happened in a specific recent window of time.

For any Report that offers the Dimension of "Call Date/Time" you can either add the dimension as a filter of your report or, if it is already configured as a filter, adjust by following these steps.

Step 1: Select the Relative radio button
Step 2: Select Recent Time Window from the drop-down options that appear
Step 3: Select the Days relative to your current time along with the specific hours that create the custom relative range of time you'd like the report to return results on
Quick Tip: Most of Brightmetrics Reports Leverage the Call Date/Time dimension as a parameter of the standard report, but you can always add or remove dimensions as a filter as you wish on reports by clicking the 3 dots icon next to the dimension.
We really hope this new flexible way to define the time parameter of your report is helpful for you and your team!
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