Real Time Dashboard Charts Vs Reports

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One of the most frequent questions we get from our Real Time Dashboard users goes something like this: Why does my Brightmetrics Report says "this" and my Real Time Dashboard chart says "that"?


It's typically not possible to get a Real Time dashboard to match a summary report throughout the day. The dashboard is being updated in Real Time but the report is updated once an hour.  It's also very likely that there may be filters and/or parameters configured on the report that aren't an apples to apples configuration on the dashboard in question (and vice versa).  
By the end of the day when the data stops being updated in the Real Time dashboard and the reports "catch up" to the Real Time data they will typically match up as long as the filters and dimensions being reported on are the same.
**NOTE: Depending on your chart type and platform you may see different things here, this is just an example**
The Brightmetrics agent reports summary, aggregated data to us once an hour (not always the same time in that hour). So, for summary reports and charts, the information that you are looking at may be up to 1 hour old.
However, if you are running detail reports we grab that data live from the agent so that data is near live. We say near live because it won't show interactions that are in progress at the moment you run the report.
The summary level data on charts will refresh every 5 minutes; however, since we receive the updated summary data hourly, the new data will only be displayed after the hourly update.
The behavior of our Real Time dashboards is different; you see customer interactions in progress and updating in real time because the Real Time Data Source is supplying the data to the charts directly.
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