Real Time: See Cradle to Grave Directly from Agent Timeline Chart

Required Subscription: Real Time Dashboard Services

Did you know that when you hover over the sections within our standard template Agent Status Timeline Chart, you can see a lot of great details around that interaction, like when the interaction began, talk time, hold time, when it ended, etc.?  This can be really helpful to get some quick context around activity for that agent and the interaction, but what if you could jump right into the most detailed perspective available for that interaction to immediately see the entire experience for the customer and your team? With our latest release, now you can drill straight to what we call the "Cradle to Grave" report to show you a visualization of all the details surrounding your interactions.

Step 1: When viewing an Agent Status Timeline Chart, simply identify an interaction that has already ended within an agent's timeline bar based on your color key

Step 2: Hover over the segment of the timeline that represents the interaction to observe the quick details of the interaction

Step 3: Click on the segment of the timeline that represents the interaction to launch the Cradle to Grave report pop-up window


**Note: For MVCCC (ShoreTel ECC) C2G, these interactions will typically take up to an hour to be available. If the interaction record is not available, you'll see a message like one of these below that lets you know when you should expect for that C2G perspective to be ready and available for your review.**
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