Temporarily Reduce Information Displayed on a Busy Chart

Sometimes you want to see an entire timeline, but need to clear out some of the chart items in order to focus on specific items in the chart.  This can easily and quickly be achieved with our interactive charts.

Step 1:   Find the chart you want to remove some items from. For example, maybe you want to temporarily look at only 2 of your groups that are being filtered to on this chart.
Step 2:  By clicking on the legend items at the bottom of the chart, you can focus in on or exclude items from the view.  Clicking a legend item once will remove it from the chart.  Clicking it a second time will focus only on that specific item.  Clicking it a third time returns you to your normal view.  Examples are displayed below.  
Click on Account Services once to remove it from the chart: 
Click on Account Services a second time to display only the Account Services Average Queue Time:
Step 3: To bring back your original chart, just click on the legend item a third time, or you can refresh the page.
To see our tutorial videos on using Charts & Dashboards, please visit the Help section of the top right menu:  
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