Mitel MIVOICE Connect Contact Center (ShoreTel ECC) - Internal/External Dimension

Required Subscription: MIVOICE Connect Contact Center (MVCCC)(ShoreTel ECC)

Required Permission Level: Reports and Dashboard Creator

Every organization has unique ways that they'd like to see their team members' data displayed. Sometimes what seems to be a simple, straightforward call count isn't so simple and straightforward. In fact, some teams want to see data on all the agents' calls, regardless if they are internal (extension to extension) or if they are external (technically: calls placed to or received from outside the Mitel (ShoreTel) system). Some teams really only care about looking at the calls that come in from outside the organization (typically external). And then there are the teams that want to see both, but they want to be able to break them out. The complexity increases when you look at breaking the perspectives out by Incoming, Outgoing, ACD, Non-ACD, etc. Brightmetrics has added the Internal/External dimension to empower your team to do what you like... its pretty simple:

    1. Just like editing all of our other reports (see here for a refresher), slip into "Edit Mode"
    2. If you want to break out your perspective by this dimension, simply drag and drop it from the available down into rows or columns: 


Or if you'd prefer to use this dimension to filter out either Internal or External, click the green plus cylinder next the dimension name to add it to your filter set on the report and then define how you'd like it filtered up top: 
Just another way to increase your flexibility as you slice and dice the perspectives in your reports!
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