What do the MiCC Queue Exit Reasons Mean? 

Required Subscription: Mitel MiCC 

Required Permission Level: Reports and Dashboard Creator

MiCC has a lot of exit reasons that may require an explanation. Below is a list of those with their definitions to help you better understand your data. 


Abandoned: The caller disconnected while waiting in the queue.

AgentAnswered: The call was answered by an agent.

AgentDecline: The call was presented to an agent and the agent declined to answer. The call may re-queue or ring another agent.

Interflow: The call was interflowed to another queue or destination.

Transfer: The call was transferred away from the queue by the routing service.

QueueUnavailable: The queue was unavailable to accept calls.

Unknown: We couldn’t determine an exit reason from the data.


For a full list of Brightmetrics fields and their definitions, please visit our Data Definitions Page.  

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