Brightmetrics Enterprise Module for MiVC

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC

Required Permission Level: Administrator

Brightmetrics has released an add-on module for customers using the reporting module for MiVC.  This add-on module contains the following.  Please click the feature name to be directed to the Help Center article for that specific feature:

  • Roles Based Permissions/Data Views - Customizable permissions that allow you to grant access to data, dashboards, reports, etc. at the user level
  • Bulk User Import - Importing users is as simple as uploading a spreadsheet
  • Advanced Audit Logs - Admins can now understand user behavior in Brightmetrics - what reports and dashboards are being viewed, edited, published, and exported by each user
  • SSO - Control access to your data, reduce password fatigue, and allow for an easy login experience 
  • API/OData Access - Access to Brightmetrics API for advanced analytics - this feature is especially useful for customers using Tableau, Power BI, or other business intelligence tools

To start your free, 21-day trial or for pricing inquiries, please reach out to  

If you receive your Brightmetrics subscription through one of our Partners (Mitel providers), please reach out to your Partner to deploy the trial and for pricing information.  

**The Enterprise features mentioned above are included in the per-user cost of the MiCC and Genesys modules.**




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