Real Time - Call Center Group Supervisor (CCGS)

Required Subscription: Mitel MVCCC, (ShoreTel ECC)

Required Permission Level: Reports and Dashboard Creator

Required User Permissions Level: 

  • To Enable a Real Time Dashboard with CCGS - Administrator
  • To Use a Real Time Dashboard Enabled with CCGS - Reports and Dashboard Creator


Now your single pane of glass for insights into your call center operations can also afford you the opportunity to quickly manage resource distribution to immediately impact your customer experience. Real Time Mitel MVCCC (ShoreTel ECC) Call Center Group Supervisor (CCGS) provides the ability to take action on the insights into your Group and Agent workload/performance provided by your Brightmetrics Real Time Dashboards for Mitel MVCCC (ShoreTel ECC). With this feature, you can manage agents and groups to log your employees in and out, and put into or remove them from release. This can all be done on the fly in Brightmetrics and even on the move by pushing Contact Center Group supervisor to your mobile device.

**Note: Agents can be logged in to any group, whether they are a member of the group or not.**

Configure a Real Time Dashboard for MVCCC (ShoreTel ECC) with CCGS: 
You’ll need to configure in "Edit Dashboards" the Real Time Dashboard Tab with CCGS. Start with a Dashboard Tab that is using a chart configured from Real Time Data Source Group:
And any MVCCC Real Time Data Source Instances

Step 1: Navigate to “Dashboards and

Step 2: Choose the pencil icon below the dashboard tab name to edit RT MVCCC enabled Dashboard to which you want to deploy CCGS.


Step 3: Click Dashboard Setting(see image below)


Step 4: Click on the checkbox option to “Enable Call Center Group Supervisor for MVCCC”

Step 5: Click “Apply”


Step 6: Save the Dashboard Tab


Step 7: Navigate back to Dashboard to experience using CCGS


Using CCGS:
Launch CCGS
You can confirm that you have the CCGS configured when you navigate to your Real Time MVCCC enabled dashboard and you see a new icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Real Time Charts.
This icon will launch the new Call Center Group Supervisor:
Within CCGS
See the different ways to interact with the lists and tiles within CCGS to verify statuses, find the right agents and groups and to immediately implement the changes that deliver the right resources to optimize your customer experience.
We've been excited to deliver a capability to immediately put to use the in-the-moment insights that unfold on your Real Time dashboards! We hope you agree that we've achieved precisely that with Call enter Group Supervisor feature.
**Please note that CCGS audit log data as well as Dashboard Ticker options can be viewed by account admins under the Admin Tools sidebar menu option and does not require the Enterprise reporting module add-on.**
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