Workgroups: Presented Vs Answered Vs Presented(Missed)

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC

Required Permission Level: Reports and Dashboard Creator

When you are looking for a breakdown of calls that your workgroup agents are answering, you are typically wanting to see Presented Calls Vs Answered Calls. More specifically, you likely want to see answered calls as a percentage and also the hard numbers, e.g. Call Counts.  By using the report template shown here under Workgroups, we can generate a report that will present us with this information and more:


Step 1: Select the Agent Activity Summary-All report template from the standard reports.


Step 2: Drag and drop the Available Values desired down into the Values.

Step 3: Filter on Workgroup Name by clicking on the Workgroup Name field itself.




Step 4: Filter to specific agents by clicking on the One or Multiple selections on the top.




Step 5: Then pull in the "Presented" and the "Answered" counts.

This will give you a breakdown of Call Presented, Calls Answered, and a % of Workgroup Calls Answered:
If you want to see a little deeper breakdown of calls presented and answered by agent(s), calls  presented and not taken, and calls Presented (Missed), you can use the Agent Activity Detail report shown here:
  • Select the Agent Activity Detail report from the Standard Reports and click Edit Mode
  • Click Preview Report
In the report preview, you will see logins, logouts, calls presented and calls answered as shown here:
Any time you see a "WG Call Presented" that is not immediately followed by an "Internal Workgroup Call" or "External Workgroup Call", then that's a call the agent didn't answer as shown here:
If you see a "WG Call Presented (Missed)", this means the agent logged out while the call was ringing to them - usually, because the workgroup option has been enabled to log out agents if they fail to answer a call within the max rings per member.  
When you pull this report you may also wish to remove the Login and Logout so you can focus on the Presented and Answered calls. You can do so by filtering on the Activity by following the steps listed below:
  • Click on Edit Mode
  • Click the cylinder next to Activity
  • Choose Multiple
  • Select the radio button on the top to exclude and then check the boxes next to Login and Logout
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