Reinstalling the Brightmetrics Agent

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC

Required Permission Level: Administrator

If you are using Brightmetrics reporting for your Mitel phone system, you may need to reinstall your Brightmetrics Agent.

This may be because you:

  • Need to move it to a different server.
  • Have migrated to a new Mitel server and your Brightmetrics Agent was on your old one.
  • Your Brightmetrics agent was inadvertently deleted.

Whatever the reason, reinstalling the agent is a simple process.

Simply follow the instructions on the screenshot below.  Note: due to standard security restrictions applied to Internet Explorer on servers, we recommend performing the following steps from your own desktop computer, not from the server itself.


Step 1: Log into Brightmetrics with an Admin account and navigate to Data Sources from the Sidebar Menu.

Step 2: Chooses the agents tab on top and click on the 3 dots button to the right of the agent you wish to reinstall.xsx

Step 3: Select "Reset Password / Reinstall" from the dialog box.

You will then be presented with a page that includes the link to download the agent as well as your new agent credentials. Follow the instructions there and your agent will automatically pick up where your last agent left off.  If the above steps were performed from a different computer than where the agent will be installed, then either the link to the installation instructions page can be copied and pasted to a session on the server, or the installer itself can be copied to the server and then run from there -- whatever is the easiest given your manner of remote access to the server.
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