Brightmetrics and Mitel Data Retention Periods

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC

Required Permission Level: Administrator

How far back into your historical data can Brightmetrics go?
This is determined by the retention period that is configured in your Mitel (ShoreTel) System. Unfortunately, Mitel's default retention period for the database records is only 36 days. Most Mitel partners and installation professionals will change this configuration to a longer retention period, based on available storage space, but sometimes we encounter customers whose Mitel system has not been configured for longer than this default setting.
On the other hand, Brightmetrics services processes and aggregates your available detail data from your Mitel system to allow quick and efficient delivery to your browser of summary reporting. Our cloud services retain up to 3 years of this summarized/aggregated data so it can be quickly accessed and reported on; that data starts accumulating at the time of your first data load through Brightmetrics services when you establish a data connection to us and goes back as far as your Mitel's (ShoreTel's) configured retention period allows.
For detail data, which is what you see when you drill into a summary report or when you run a detail report, the Brightmetrics agent has to draw data directly from your Mitel system's detail data records; this means that the retention period that is configured in your Mitel system determines the availability of the detail data.
The Brightmetrics agent that aggregates your call data and some of your system configurations, gives Brightmetrics support the ability to view the current settings on your system. However, Brightmetrics is not able to make adjustments to these configurations since this Mitel database lives in your network environment. For your convenience, we have provided the following steps that someone who has Administrator access in your network to the Mitel Director will need to quickly make adjustments to your retention period.
To ensure that there is sufficient storage capacity to retain the desired amount of Call Detail Records (CDR) data on your Mitel server, we advise consulting with the system administrator responsible for the Mitel server before making any changes to retention period configurations.

To adjust your Data Retention Period in Shoreware Director:

(Example: ShoreWare Director > Reporting > Options)

Step 1: Navigate to your organization's Mitel MiVoice Connect Director (ShoreTel Director) Webapp

Step 2: Navigate to Reporting > Options 

Step 3: Set the Retention Period for CDR Data between 1 and 2000 days.

*Note: Extending your data retention period does not have retroactive effects and will only begin retaining data for the determined rolling period; this includes the presently existing data.
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