Search by Dialed Number

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC

Required Permission Level: Reports and Dashboard Creator

The "Dialed Number" that ShoreTel logs is not necessarily the number the caller dialed, but rather whatever you have defined as the "Dialed Number" in your DNIS mapping from digits the ShoreTel system receives from the CO to Dialed Number.  When searching for a number in the “Search by Dialed Number” Report you may experience issues finding that number in your reports if this has been used.

The DID/DNIS Allocation report can be found under the standard reports on every Brightmetrics system.

Step 1: Find the DNIS mapping that may be in place using the DID/DNIS Allocation report first and identify the number you are trying to find.
Step 2:Once you have identified this you can then search by the name that has been mapped/attached to the number.
Once you’ve identified the number shown above is the number that will show in the reporting you can then use the Search By Dialed Number by
Step 3: Choosing Reports
Step 4: Then selecting the report Search By Dialed Number.
  Step 5: Click to select values and input the number you want to search by.
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