Seeing CallerID Name in Detail Reports

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC, MiCC, MiVB

Required Permission Level: Reports and Dashboard Creator

When you run reports you may have the desire to see the CallerID Name displayed in your reporting.  Using the steps below, you can easily add the additional dimension to a handful of Brightmetrics reports.  The CallerID Name field is only available at the detail level - you will need to generate a detail report in order to see the data and won't find this field on a summary report.  
The first step, if you are looking for CallerID Name to show up on your detail reports, is to ensure that when the call comes in on the trunk, they are actually passing through the CallerID Name. If your system is not already configured this way, please reach out to ShoreTel/Mitel TAC - typically through your reseller - so they can assist in getting you all set up. 
***Note: Proper setup does not mean that the CallerID Name is available on all calls, you will be able to see it when available to report on. *** 
With proper configuration, all you need to do is select one of the report types listed below, open up your Fields and Layouts and then drag the CallerID name dimension from the available dimensions box into your Rows or Columns:

The following outlined report templates contain the CallerID Name field.  If your Reports page layout is set to grid instead of list, you can change it by clicking to the right of Layout (in yellow below):


Once you select your report template, expand the Fields to the left, and click/drag the CallerID Name field from the list of Available Dimension into the Rows or Columns options: 




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