Reporting on Conference Bridge Data

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC

Required Permission Level: Reports and Dashboard Creator

You may have the need to report out on or create a summary dashboard for your conference bridge data. This data set will show you how many attendees were on the conference bridge, how long the session was, what media type was used, etc. While there is a data set available for this, it is not a standard default data set and does have to be enabled on each company account.  There is no cost associated with enabling or using this data set, you just need to reach out to our Support team at and ask that we enable it for you.

Once enabled, you can view the data in 3 ways: summary dashboards, summary reports, and detail reports.  Below we'll show you how to view the data in each of those options. 


Step 1:  Choose Reports from the left sidebar

Step 2:  Click the green + icon to create a new report

Step 3:  Select Conference Bridge Sessions in the popup

Step 4:  Click Next


Step 5: Select whether you want to see Summary data (call counts and totals) or Detail data (a row for each record)


Step 6:  Build your report using the Dimensions and Values

Step 7:  Add those you'd like to see to the Rows, Columns, and Values



The Summary view (shown above) will show the counts and totals. If you generated a summary report and want to see the details, you can still see those by clicking on the green + icon to the left on each row. The Detail view is shown below.  




To add a chart to a summary dashboard using this data set: 

Step 1:  Click the pencil icon on the dashboard you want to add the chart to 

Step 2:  Click on Add Chart

Step 3:  Select the Conference Bridge data option, and click Okay



Continue to build the chart out selecting the chart type, date range and values.  


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Brightmetrics Support team by emailing us at





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