Adding Call Recorder Integration for Mitel (ShoreTel) Call Recorder

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC/UC

Required Permission Level: Company Administrator

Note that you will do this after your Brightmetrics account is already set up. If you do not have an active subscription, please contact your partner/reseller or if you are a direct customer email us at for info on moving your account back to active status.


  1. Once logged into Brightmetrics, click on Data Source Configuration on the left sidebar menu.

  2. Click on the wheel icon on the ShoreTel data source.  This might also say Mitel MiVC, or UC.

  3.  In the Edit Data Connection Instance popup, select the dropdown for Call Recording System, and choose ShoreTel Call Recorder.

  4. In the Recording Server Address(es) box, enter the IP address or name of the ShoreTel Recording Server.

    Please Note: 

    If you have more than one recording server, enter the addresses separated by spaces. The recording servers must be reachable over the network from the system that has the Brightmetrics agent installed as well as the user's browsers. If your recording servers have names that are accessible outside the network, your recordings will be available outside the network. If you use internal IP addresses here, your recordings will only be available through Brightmetrics while the user is on your internal network.

  5. For Call Recording Credentials, you have two options:
    1. System-Wide credentials means everyone that uses Brightmetrics will access the recordings using the same credentials (e.g. everyone will see the same recordings). 
    2. Per-user credentials means each user will enter their own ShoreTel GUI credentials the first time they access a cradle-to-grave and recording permissions will follow their ShoreTel permissions. 
  6. Click on Download the Recording Integration Service. Once you have that, run the MSI file on each recording server.

IMPORTANT CONFIGURATION INFORMATION: Only recording profiles that include “GUID” in the File Template can be indexed for retrieval through Brightmetrics. The File Template can include other fields as well, but one of the fields must be GUID. This is the default configuration for the ShoreTel Call Recorder but ensure that this has not been removed.


Now that Call Recording integration is set up, you can drill down to a Cradle-to-Grave report on any call that has a recording (and for which the user has permissions if set to Per-User credentials) and you will see a media player at the bottom of the dialog box. From there, you will be able to play the recordings, or you can download the recording by clicking on the download icon.

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