Brightmetrics Install Guide for Genesys Cloud

Thank you for your interest in Brightmetrics Reporting and Analytics service for the Genesys Cloud system.

Brightmetrics makes it easy to get information to the people that need it in the format that makes the most sense for them. Brightmetrics is a secure, web-based service; all that is needed is a web browser, a username, and a password. In addition, as a Genesys Technology and AppFoundry Partner, Brightmetrics offers the most powerful report scheduling available for the Genesys Cloud System.

To get started, click TRY IT FOR FREE to open the Registration Page in a new browser tab and follow the steps as indicated below. 

Step 1: Fill in the Required Registration Information.
Step 2: Under Phone System Information check the box beside Genesys Cloud.
Upon submission of the required information you will be redirected to the Data Source Page within Brightmetrics; this is where you will configure the Genesys Cloud data source.
Step 3: Verify the connection name and region are as desired and choose Next.
*Note: We recommend leaving the Setup as Automatic. If, for any reason, you need to use the manual setup, the steps can be found in our Manual Setup Guide
Clicking next for the data connection to be established will retrieve the data with which all remaining required fields will be auto-populated. 
Step 4: Authentication to PureCloud is required to Run Diagnostics; authenticate using your PureCloud credentials (Note: User must have administrative privileges in PureCloud):
Step 5: Running diagnostics initiates a series of systematic evaluations of your PureCloud configurations; this allows you to apply a fix for each item that needs to be addressed before the PureCloud data source can function properly.
  • Ensure the fix it for me box is checked and click Run Again
  • Repeat this step until all checks pass or a problem that is not fixable by the diagnostic tool is reported
  • Once all checks have passed, Click Done
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