Changing/Migrating Servers and Moving the ECCC2G.dat file

Required Subscription: ShoreTel ECC

Required Permission Level: Administrator

So you’ve decided to migrate your current CCIR installation to a new server. One of the most crucial parts of migrating your data from one server to another is copying the file that the server looks at when it compiles the data and settings within your system. In this article, we will walk you through the required steps to make this migration go as smoothly as possible.  
Here's a quick breakdown of what we'll be doing:
  • Uninstalling the agent that is running on the current server; (this will temporarily stop Brightmetrics services but will not affect system records.)
  • Copying and placing the ECCC2G.dat file into its proper directory with properly configured permissions.
  • Reconfiguring the data source in Brightmetrics
  • Reinstalling the agent on the new server
Step 1: Uninstall the agent that is running on the current server:
  • Navigate to Add/Remove Programs and select the BrightmetricsAgent
  • Click Remove/Uninstall
Step 2:  Copy the ECCC2G.dat file to the new server, at whatever location you choose.  Brightmetrics data for reporting comes from processed data which is housed in a specific data file that was established at the time of the original installation: The ECCC2G.dat file. This file needs to be moved from the old server to the new server so that the new system can see the historical data within the file. The location of the ECCC2G.dat file can found on the Brightmetrics > Data Sources page, however, the default location for the file is (C:\BrightmetricsData\ECCC2G.dat).
If you are moving it to a different drive letter and/or path on the new server, you will need to update its path in the Data Sources configuration in step 3 below.
**Please note you will need to ensure that at the new location the LocalService account has full control of that folder.  Typically on a move, the permissions will usually come along with it, however, you will want to verify they have.**
Update the configuration in the Brightmetrics > Data Sources Page, as seen in the image below:
Step 3: Log into Brightmetrics with an Admin account and navigate to Data Sources from the Sidebar Menu
Step 4: Click the gear icon for the ECC data source
Step 5: Update the information necessary for the new location and any change to the eccc2g.dat file as well
  • **Please note you should not change the agent in this settings dialog.**
Reinstall the agent on the new server by following the steps here:
Step 6: Click on the Agents tab

Step 7: Select the 3 dots menu next to the agent you want to reinstall

Step 8: Choose Reset Password/Reinstall



You will then be presented with a page that includes the link to download the agent as well as your new agent credentials. Follow the instructions there and your agent will automatically pick up where your last agent left off.  If the above steps were performed from a different computer than where the agent will be installed, then either the link to the installation instructions page can be copied and pasted to a session on the server, or the installer itself can be copied to the server and then run from there -- whatever is the easiest given your manner of remote access to the server.


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