Finding Inactive Users in Reports

Required Subscription: Core Module

Required Permission Level: Report & Dashboard Creator

Looking for users who've been inactive for a period of time?  Or want to see if it's safe to re-use an extension?  While we can't generate a report showing zero call activity, we can generate a report showing those who have used their phone and the last time it was used.  Below is how you can set it up.   

It does require manual review, but you can look across each line to see people who stopped using their phones in some range of time.  They have to have used their phone sometime in the time period of the report.

You can use the User Activity Summary report template, and set it up as shown below: 

  1. Include Party Name in Rows
  2. Include Call Date_Grp-Month in Columns (you can use the Full Date if you want to see exactly when they stopped taking calls)
  3. Include Count-All Calls in Values



You will need to pull it for a greater time span than what you're looking for just to capture those before they stopped taking/making calls.  So we can see in the example above that Adora stopped using her phone in May and hasn't used it since to make an outbound call or receive an inbound call.  

You could also run the report shown above by extension instead of Party Name if desired.


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