Search by Caller ID

Required Subscription: Core Subscription

Required Permission Level: Report & Dashboard Creator

If you are looking to find all of the times that a caller dialed into your queues, you can do that easily using the recommended template of " Customers with Multiple Interactions."

With this report template, you can simply plug in a date range and any CallerID and it will return all the times that CallerID called in during the specified time frame. (See screenshot and steps listed below.)

  1. Navigate to Reports, and choose one of the reports that contains Caller ID, like Customers with Multiple Interactions, or Search By Caller ID
  2. Specify a Call/Date Time parameter
  3. Enter the Caller ID into the text box 
  4. Click Run Report
By clicking on any of the individual calls in the report, you'll get a complete cradle-to-grave view of everything that happened through the entire life of that call, from beginning to end. 
(See screenshot example below)
Furthermore, by clicking on each of the call segments in the cradle to grave view, you'll be presented with some important details that can help you trace the call through the system; each call segment will display Start and End Times for easy interpretation.
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