Adding an Archive Database

Required Subscription: Mitel MiVC

Required Permission Level: Administrator

Brightmetrics does not have any inherent support for Mitel (formerly ShoreTel) archive databases. We do have some customers connecting to the archive database by essentially setting it up as an additional Mitel data source instance as if it were a second Mitel system entirely. In this case, there is always some manual work on our side to point the Brightmetrics agent to a non-standard MySQL connection (regardless of which server it is on). 

Since Brightmetrics processes the CDR data to produce a summarized aggregate data set that gets uploaded to our hosted system, we retain that summary data going back up to three years, and there is no dependence on the original data being available on your Mitel database. The CDR data continuing to be available only matters if you need to drill down into individual call records since we don't store those.
If you would like to add Brightmetrics reporting for your archive database it will create an additional data source that you will be billed for but we can use the same agent that is already set up as long as it has access to the archive server.  If you would like to set this up, please follow the steps outlined in our article for Adding Additional Data Sources
Additional Notes:
Mitel is now setting a 4GB CDR database limit which would affect the amount of data available in your retention period data. In larger environments, the limit can be hit within days or weeks. The way to continue to have reporting is to have a CDR archive.
Working to avoid hitting that 4GB CDR database limit can be done by setting your CDR retention period on the CDR database to 1 day so there is no historical database and the archive retention period to 2 years.  Then set your CDR archive to archive daily.
Our primary summary source will come out of the archive and it will be up to a day old.
We would recommend in a scenario like the above that you set your retention and archive policy to 1 day so that at the end of every day that data is pushed into an archive server and then install Brightmetrics on your archive server. That will allow you to have a summarized representation of all of your information with a day's delay.
You won’t be able to report on anything that’s happened today outside of Real Time, but you’ll be able to report on all of your historical data with a day's delay. If it’s also important for you to run detailed reports for the day of, we can install a second subscription of Brightmetrics on the main CDR database to allow you to run those detailed reports the day of.
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  • Mitel's latest MiVoice Connect build R19.2-SP1 comes with new best practices in that the CDR database should not exceed 4GB (in a nutshell). Customers that exceed that limit should start archiving CDR data. Are there plans to update the information on how Brightmetrics currently handles archive databases? Hopefully a way can become available for customers to add a CDR archive as an additional data source at no cost to comply with these new Mitel best practices, and hopefully the reports will be able to span the time frames from the production CDR database to the archive database in a seamless cradle-to-grave view without requiring customers to run separate reports on both data sources.

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