Enabling Detail Reporting in MiCC

In order for detail data to be captured in the SQL database and visible in Brightmetrics on your cradle to grave reports, MiCC has to be configured to turn on Conversation Detail Reporting and Workflow Child Step Reporting.

Conversation Detail Reporting

Perform the following steps for each media server in YourSite Explorer:

Step 1: Navigate to Media Servers

Step 2: Click on the Media Server

Step 3: Check the box for Conversation Detail Reporting

Step 4: Click the Save button

Step 5: Repeat for all additional media servers



Workflow Child Reporting

Perform the following steps to enable Child Reporting workflow step reporting for each in-queue workflow:

Step 1: Navigate to Queues

Step 2: Select a Queue

Step 3: Click Inqueue Workflow

Step 4: Select the Offer to Agent Group activity

Step 5: Check the box for Child Reporting Enabled in the side panel

Step 6: Repeat the steps above for each Offer to Agent Group in the workflow

Step 7: Click Save

Step 8: Repeat for all Queues 


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