Upgrading from Mitel ECC to MiCCB

So you've decided to upgrade from Mitel's ECC over to MiCCB otherwise known as MiCC Business? 

Here are the most common questions that come up in regards to that move.

  • Is it the same web interface https://webapp.brightmetrics.com/ (look & feel, functionalities, etc.)
    • Yes, our MiCC offering is built on the same interface and will be accessible through your existing Brightmetrics credentials.
  • Do we need a new Agent(s) installed on the MiCCB servers? Is this an additional module?
    • Yes, you'll need to install a new Brightmetrics module and agent on your MiCC server. Whenever you're ready to do this, just reach out to our support team at support@brighmetrics.com and the support team will add the new billing record and can walk you through how to do this.  
    • While you do need a new agent installed on the MiCCB server, you do NOT need CCIR for the MiCC reporting like you did for Brightmetrics ECC reporting.
  • Is it an additional cost?
    • We've changed our pricing model around MiCCB to a per-agent model which can be found here on our pricing page.
  • If I have both ECC and MiCCB connected and using Brightmetrics can I do anything to combine the reporting?
    • ECC data cannot be migrated to MiCC. However, you can keep reporting on ECC in Brightmetrics. You'll need to subscribe to both our ECC module and our MiCC module if you want to report on both systems at the same time.
    • The important consideration here is what level of data you want available to report on - summary, detail, or both.
      • ECC Summary data is all housed on Brightmetrics servers, so you can continue reporting on that for as long as you have a subscription to our ECC module.
      • ECC Detail data lives on your ECC CCIR server - as such, to provide detailed reporting, we'll need to maintain a connection to that server in order to provide detail and cradle-to-grave reporting. This could be done by simply leaving your ECC and CCIR servers running or migrating our CCIR transform database to another server and installing an agent there. If this is the way you want to go, just let us know here and we can help you with the steps.

Additional questions or feedback? Please email us at support@brightmetrics.com.


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