Brightmetrics Install Guide for Genesys Cloud (AppFoundry)

We're excited you're adding Brightmetrics reporting for your Genesys Cloud account!  The steps outlined below will walk you through how to add the integration and clear up any setup questions along the way.


If you're trying to activate licenses that you've already purchased for Brightmetrics through Genesys, you'll want to go to our article for Activating your Genesys Cloud subscription instead.  


Step 1: Log in to PureCloud at

Step 2: Once you are logged in, choose Admin on the top and then Integrations:


Once you select Integrations you'll see the current Integrations you have in your apps library and you'll need to add the Brightmetrics integration.


Step 3: Click on the plus button in the top right-hand corner next to Integrations. 



Step 4: Choose the AppFoundry on top:



Step 5: In the AppFoundry search for Brightmetrics using the search box on top:



Step 6: Click on the Brightmetrics module. You'll be able to add the Brightmetrics Real Time module later.  

Step 7: This will bring up the description of the Brightmetrics offering, complete with pricing, and product details, choose the "Free Trial" option in the right-hand corner, and then choose your Region:



Step 8: Click the Free Trial button again after choosing Free Trial and your Region:



Step 9: Choose PureCloud for Brightmetrics.

Step 10: You're prompted here to add Brightmetrics Real Time which will give you the live dashboards. We recommend installing this to trial as well.  If you choose not to try the live dashboards, you can skip this by not selecting it and choosing Next:



Step 11: The next page will list the specifics of your trial and what the cost will be once the trial ends if you move to an active subscription.  You will need to scroll through the terms of service and acknowledge them by checking the box to accept

Step 12: Choose Purchase.



Step 13: Once your order processes, you will be brought into the Installation Instructions screen and can begin the installation, choose Next at the bottom:



Step 14: The next page gives you a link to install Brightmetrics; click the link to install:



Step 15: Once you choose the link to install you'll see a loading screen which will then take you into your Genesys account and you'll be able to begin adding Roles. Choose Add Role: 


Step 16: Choose to Create a New Role.  Set this Role to Brightmetrics Access and give it a description, and choose Save.



Step 17: Once the Role is created and Saved, you can assign people to this Role as shown below.  After clicking on the Add People icon you'll be able to type in their names in the search box and include each person that should have access to the Brightmetrics reporting; make sure to add yourself.  Once each person is added, click Save:



Step 18: Up on top you will see a toggle for activating the subscription, slide that over.  You will get a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to activate Brightmetrics, choose Yes:



Step 19: Refresh your browser and click on Apps and then Brightmetrics.  Brightmetrics will now be ready to be configured for your organization.  Click continue setup.  You'll see a setup is complete and your data is importing alert along with some suggested content to get you started. 


Step 20: Choose Open Brightmetrics to bring you into Brightmetrics reporting and dashboards.


Questions or concerns, please reach out to















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